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Our service area includes Northern Lancaster County: Ephrata | New Holland | Lititz | Akron | Cocalico Area | Manheim Township


Our services are where convenience meets canine care!

Our top-notch mobile dog grooming services bring the salon to your doorstep, sparing you and your furry friend the stress of car rides and waiting rooms.

All breeds are welcome.

Prices vary depending on area, pet size, coat condition and behavior.

We only use Best Shot Shampoo

Grooming as requested by owner

Any special request by owner please let us know and we can discuss the best options for your pet friend!

Bath & Deshed


Trim and Dremel Nails

Keep those claws in check without the hassle – our experts handle nail trims with care and precision.

Brush Teeth

Maintain your dog's dental health with our teeth brushing service, leaving them with a bright smile.

Shampoo with Premium Shampoo & Condition

Pamper your pup with a relaxing bath, customized to their coat type, to leave them looking and feeling fabulous.

Bandana and a Spritz of Cologne

We treat your furry friend to a stylish accessory and a spritz of cologne ensuring your dog leaves smelling delightful.

Clean Ears

Ensure your dog's ears are healthy and clean with our gentle ear cleaning service.

Fluff dry

Our fluff dry service gently dries your dog's coat, leaving it fluffy and soft, ready to show off its natural beauty.

Deshed Brushing

Say goodbye to excess fur! Our deshed brushing removes loose hair, reducing shedding and keeping your pup looking sleek and tidy.

Anal Glands Done (upon request)

For those who prefer it, we offer anal gland expression upon request, ensuring your dog's comfort and hygiene.

Full Groom


Everything listed from 'Bath & Deshed' package

Bath & deshed, Trim and dremel nails, Brush teeth, Shampoo with premium shampoo & Condition , Clean ears, Fluff dry, Deshed brushing, Bandana & Spritz of cologne, Anal glands are done upon request.
with 2 additional services

Ear Hair Removal

Keep your pup's ears clean and comfortable! Ear hair removal ensures that excess hair is gently and effectively removed, promoting better ear health for your furry friend.

Tailored Haircut:

Get the perfect look for your pooch! Our skilled groomers will craft a haircut tailored to your preferences, whether it's a stylish trim, a breed-specific cut, or something uniquely personalized to suit your dog's personality and lifestyle.

Just Nails


Nail Trimming

Keep your dog's paws healthy and comfortable! Our nail trimming service ensures that your furry friend's nails are maintained at an appropriate length, reducing the risk of discomfort, injury, and damage to floors and furniture.
First dog
$45 + tax
Each additional dog
$25 + tax